Welcome to Via Tribunali

We opened our first pizzeria in 2004 in the burgeoning Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. Months before we opened, curious onlookers poked their heads in the former auto body shop, and outlandish rumors spread quickly throughout Seattle. One person saw a team of masons reportedly flown in from Naples to build a gargantuan wood-fired oven, someone heard that the bricks also came from Naples rich with Vesuvian ash, a reporter ran a story about a taxi driver leading our owner down a dark Neapolitan street to meet a talented pizzaiolo who was then whisked to an airport….

As it turns out almost all of the tall tales are true – on opening night people began lining up for the authentic Neapolitan pizza and since then our ovens have only gotten busier. Via Tribunali has been called “more authentic than the pizzerias of Naples,” and even though that is a flattering exaggeration, it is fair to say that our pizzerias have grown out of an almost unnatural passion for the food and wine of Southern Italy.


While extraordinary food is critical for all great restaurants, another aspect of success is choosing the perfect location.That’s why you’ll find Via Tribunali restaurants in the most charming, thriving and eclectic parts of the cities we’re located in, choosing these particular spots to keep up with the demand of authentic Italian in each neighborhood. We take pride in representing these communities based on the personality of the surroundings, and enjoy meeting a diverse group of people who value fabulous Italian food.


Gift Cards

Looking for the perfect gift for any occasion? Why not consider a Via Tribunali gift card? Reloadable and available for usage at all of our locations, it’s the ideal gesture to thank or congratulate someone you care about. Since there is no pricing limit, you can customize the amount on the card for your recipient to use it on anything their appetite desires. To buy a Via Tribunali gift card, call any one of our restaurants.