Via Tribunali: Georgetown

6009 12th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108
(206) 464-2880

Situated in one of the more eclectic neighborhoods in Seattle, our Georgetown location is often filled with the artists, metalworkers and band members who claim it as home. While each of our restaurants replicates the warm feel and love of Italy, Georgetown is unique in that we deconstructed a 100-year-old pizzeria from Naples, shipped it to Seattle and rebuilt it in Georgetown. Complete with incredible furnishings, a busy bar and, when nice out, a perfect patio for guests to enjoy the sun, one can almost hear the whispers of the old country. And if cozying up in a private room is the way guests want to go, Georgetown offers a few indoor tables that will remind you of family dinners from your past, seating up to 42 people.

Dinner & Drinks – 7 Nights a week


Monday – Thursday, 11am-11pm
Friday, 11am – 12am
Saturday 4pm – 12am
Sunday 3 – 10pm

Happy Hour


4-6pm/ 10pm-close


$6 Happy Hour Pizza
MARGHERITA pomodoro, fresh mozzarella, basil
MARINARA pomodoro, oregano, garlic
SALAME pomodoro, fresh mozzarella, salame
$6 ANTIPASTO PLATE focaccia, select cheese and meats, olives and Mama Lils peppers
$6 MEZZA LUNA small nutella calzone
$3 select pints
$6 well drinks
$8 cocktails
$5 prosecco
$10 Vino Della Casa 1/2 carafe
*Happy Hour available in the bar

For Questions, Reservations & Private Dining Please Contact:

Erica Kennedy • General Manager
(206) 464-2880

Private Dining:

The beautiful thing about private dining at our Georgetown location is that we offer two options—one for each season. With a private patio that has been mentioned as one of the best in Seattle along with the enclosed room that guests walk through some nooks and crannies to get to, customers will enjoy a terrific time dining out and talking all night long. Our indoor table can seat up to 42 people comfortably, and is typically reserved for rehearsal dinners, baby showers, birthdays or graduations. The outdoor, private table seats 12 comfortably, and gives a breathtaking feel for warm days and cool nights in Seattle.

Indoor and Outdoor Dining